For Erin Ellwood, design is simply another language we use to tell our stories, colored by the details of life. Whether she is decorating an interior or overseeing the creative direction of a brand, Erin works intuitively, aiming to reflect her clients’ unique perspectives and personal narratives. Her best projects reveal what her clients hope to become. 

As the daughter of the mid-century modern architect Craig Ellwood and the television actress Gloria Henry, Erin was born into a world of heightened aesthetics. The family cat was an ocelot, and Dad would occasionally drop her at school in his lime green Lamborghini. Rearranging her girlhood bedroom several times a year led to window display work and then set design for film and TV. During her twenty-plus years as a production designer and art director, Erin left her mark on iconic commercials including the documentary style Levi’s 501 spots of the 1990s.

Living in Ojai, California for the last decade, Erin shifted her focus to interior design work, bringing her eclectic and organic sensibility to projects ranging from a Spanish Revival revamp in Montecito to a Neutra platform house in the San Fernando Valley.

More recent forays into lifestyle branding and the production of digital video content have allowed Erin to merge her two areas of expertise. The success of these ventures led to the formation of the full-service content agency EEGG Creative, in partnership with the renowned architecture and interiors photographer Gaszton Gal.

Throughout it all, Erin’s family continues to inspire and guide her. She co-edited the monograph Making L.A. Modern: Craig Ellwood - Myth, Man, Designer, which was published in April 2018 by Rizzoli. The personal essay she wrote for that book, “Growing Up With Uncomfortable Furniture,” was excerpted by the L.A. Times. Currently, she is working with the director Maria Demopoulos as the executive producer of Ellwood, the first feature-length documentary about her father’s life.



Growing Up with Uncomfortable Furniture
Design LA/Los Angeles Times


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