Erin Ellwood

Erin Ellwood comes by her sense of modern design honestly. As the daughter of mid-century modern starchitect Craig Ellwood, Erin was exposed to fine art and high-end design from infancy. She knew an Eames chair from an Ekornes before she could ride the bus alone.

Her other set of style genes comes from her mother, actress Gloria Henry. Best known as America's favorite TV mom on “Dennis the Menace”, Gloria taught Erin by example that style need not be expensive. As a poor starlet, Gloria would buy a cheap blouse at the Five & Dime, dress it up with fancy buttons, and turn something humble into something elegant. Erin continues to use this skill today. Combining ordinary elements to produce extraordinary results is her true gift.

If you watched any of the top TV commercials of the past 25 years, you've seen Erin's work—and may have been influenced by it. She made her mark first as a Set Decorator, then Art Director / Production Designer on several famous ad campaigns including the standout Levi's 501 commercials of the 1990s.

After moving away from Los Angeles and the film business almost a decade ago, Erin created The Lone Arranger – an affordable interior design company perfect for the post recession doldrums. This led to larger scale residential and commercial interior design work, as well as designing custom furniture pieces and products.

Erin is now Senior Creative Director for, an online retail company based in Salt Lake City, Utah.